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Phone number

+371 28 24 19 90

In Germany

Wizemann Areal
Quellenstrasse 7
DE-70372 Stuttgart

In Latvia

Coworking Liepaja
Veca Ostmala 24,
LV-3401 Liepaja

Culture eats strategy for lunch.

We are a team driven by values.
Not the ones that look nice on a poster, but ones that are truly lived.

We believe our colleagues make good & fair decisions. For example when they take as many vacation days as they need (there's no maximum number of holidays, but a minimum of 24 days). We don't control or micro-manage people.


At DataZoo, you're allowed to make decisions on your own. Even if it's outside of your typical scope of duty. As a consequence, however, you also have to accept responsibility.


We have a deep and sincere respect for each other. Both on a professional and on a personal level. We know we can achieve great goals only with the help of our peers.


We require everyone to give 100%. But not more than that! If you want, you can even choose to work only a 4-day week. We encourage you to pursue a life beyond work and offer a family-friendly environment (most of us have kids)!


We concentrate on the tasks that matter. Many things could be improved. But reality limits our time and energy in a painful way. To get meaningful work done, we need to live with countless little annoyances and concentrate on the things that bring us forward.


All of us have a strong desire to grow. And DataZoo wants to help you achieve this. On the technological, professional and on the personal level.


We strive to do outstanding work. And this starts with every line of code, every conversation with a customer or every algorithm. We give you room and time to do work you can be proud of.

Remote Work

We are strong believers in freedom & flexibility. Therefore, you can work from wherever you want. In order to keep in touch, however, we meet in person at least once every quarter.